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Risk Processor suite, Bowtie Builder, MaintenancePlanner and PortfolioPlanner

Below you will find frequently asked questions related to our Risk Processor suite, Bowtie Builder, MaintenancePlanner and PortfolioPlanner. If our question is not anwerred, please contact us.

I want to buy a licence. How does this work?

The solutions are suplied as a part of our consultancy services. We do not sell the solution separately from our consulting services. Interested? Please contact us.


How can I obtain a licence?

During an introduction workshop, in which we together identify and analyse real risks, build a bowtie, determine an optimal maintenance strategy or identify the portfolio (dependend on the product), you usually obtain the license key.

The solutions are also delivered as part of our regular consultancy services.


How can I create a backup for the Risk Processor suite?

This is described in the manual. The relevant manual can be downloaded from our website. The best way is to make an export of the data. This data can be imported.


If I want to see the risk level from several departments or business units, what do I need?

Per department or business unit Risk Processor is required. On central level Risk Processor Corporate is needed.


Is it possible to work with more than one user with risk register data?

Yes, this is possible. If for example user A had added or changed risk data, this user A needs to export the data and save it for example on a shared network disk. User B can import this data and make additions and changes. After this, user B exports this data and places this data on the shared disk. It is important to make sure that user do not work on the dataset at the same time. Every user needs Risk Processor.


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