Sometimes simple products are better than a complicated solution

An important part of asset management is to work systematically. We introduce this by standardizing the decisions. To achieve that, we provide various simple products to help you get started with which you can achieve results effectively.
We have our risk register 'Risk Processor' available for you to make clear which problems exist, and 'Risk Processor Corporate' is available for a company-wide integration. With our portfolio tool 'PortfolioPanner' the final plan is determined. 
We work on the process and content at the same time (design and implementation of the process, including for example, roles and responsibilities and identification of management information with our process register) and a learning environment. Below a summarized overview of topics and a link to our products is given. Click the green icon below link for more information or make a selection from the menu items on the right.
Our vision on implementation can be found here.


Benefits of our solutions:

  • Support ISO compliant processes (eg ISO 31000, 9001 and 14001)
  • Provide specific requirements of ISO55001, NTA8120 and ISO224


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Definition and implementation of asset management processes
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