Risk management course

Unique in-company course 'Risk Management for technical assets'

Risk management is an essential part of asset management. Standards such as ISO55001 and and NTA8120 (but also previously PAS55) mention it explicitly for a reason. If you want to improve your knowledge and experience in a practical way, then we offer you an in-company training. Because participants already know each other and have the same background, the training is very efficient. This training is unique because a part of the training is a learning environment. In addition to the topics to be discussed, participants can also bring real practical cases, which appear to be treated. The coach also brings with substantive knowledge, in addition to the facilitation of the process.

The training covers the following topics.

  Subject Content
  What is the risk?
Different definitions
Risks and decision making
  The risk register
Identify risks
Structure and cluster
  Measure the risk
Business values
Risk matrix: design principles and usage
  Calculate risks
Estimation skills (test)
Basic statistics
  Decide with uncertainty
Opportunities versus threats
Expected value perfect information
  The risk management process
The outlines
Standards (e.g. ISO55001, ISO 31000)
Practical experiences


There are five types of training for your company available.

  Training What

Effort and duration

  Management training Focus op on most important subjects for the management
6 topics per session
Throughput time: half a dag
  Pressure course

Theory and some examples / case studies contributed by AssetResolutions

Shortened version of basic training

3 topics per session (a session is half a working day)
2 sessions in total
Throughput time 1 day
  Basic training

Theory and some examples / case studies controbuted by AssetResolutions

Extended version

2 topics per day
1 topic per session (half a day); 6 sessions in total
Throughput time 3 days
  Learning environment

Morning basic training

Afternoon cases which are discussed on the spot by teacher and students

2 sessions (of half a day) per topic
12 sessions in total
At least 1 week between each training day
Throughput time 6 to 12 weeks

Learning environment

Expanded with cases which participants make offline

3 sessions (of half a day) per subject
18 sessions in total
At least 2 weeks between the learning environments, between learning environments 1 session to discuss homework
Total throughput time 12 to 18 weeks

These courses are taught in groups of between 5 and 16 participants. Want more information? Then please contact us.


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