Risk Processor

Risk Processor:
the professional risk register at low cost

Risk Processor is a professional risk register. With  Risk Processor risks can easily be managed and showed in a risk matrix. 
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Benefits of Risk Processor

  • Supports ISO compliant processes (eg ISO 31000, 9001 and 14001)
  • Provides specific input on requirements of ISO55000, NTA8120 and ISO224
  • Open data using standard Excel format. Data can be edited after export in standard Excel application
  • Integratable in a company wide solution (Enterprise Risk Management - ERM)
  • Results of risk analysis from Bowtie Builder can be captured
  • Risk matrix in Risk Processor can be used in PortfolioPlanner and AssetPlanner
  • Defined as output in our process register and asset management reference manual
  • Automated audit trail for added, deleted or changed data
  • No annual licence costs


  • 65,000 risks can be captured. Per risk detailed information can be stored such as description, mitigation measures, responsible, status, frequency and impact per business value, cost, revenue
  • Automated calculation of net present value of mitigation measures
  • Relation to an external file can be selected in which risk information is captured such as the management decision
  • Several sort options per risk
  • Risk Register contains 6 levels of severity and frequency. The severity and frequency for each level can be changed
  • View of risk in risk matrix with automatic display of risks per risk level
  • Automatic calculation of monetary equivalent (= financial) value of risk,  expected value per business value and monetary equivalent per business value
  • Names of business values (10) can be changed
  • Effect matrix with 6 levels. Levels can be changed
  • Risk information can be added, deleted or changed
  • Open data standard based on Excel format. Export function available
  • Data lists (metadata) can be added (status, employee, cause, entity, reaction, impact and sort). Up to 150 items per list
  • Automatic labeling and categorization of data lists after adding a new label
  • Risk Matrix with 6 types of likelihood and 6 types of effect can be changed by user
  • Automatic backup possibility
  • Multilingualism. Selection of standard texts in English, German, Dutch and Frysian. Other languages can easily be added on request (please contact us) 
  • User-specific labels with names can be changed
  • Selection option to add comments when risk data is changed
  • Dependent on agreement: the application works on the PC where the program is downloaded and the registration key is asked for. On another PC it does not work. Now also a version with a dongle available, so that with the dongle the application works on several PC's
  • For some messages standard Windows messages are used. The language of your Windows version and language can infuence these messages (eg saving changes)
  • If necessary we can integrate various risk processors in a company-wide Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution. Please contact us.
Screen for adding, changing and deleting risks:

 Screen for viewing changes in risks (audit trail):

Risk Processor system requirements:

  • Microsoft Excel (version 2000, 2003, 2007 or 2010; 32 bit)
  • Operating system: Microsoft 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Disk space minimal 2 MB, data excluded
  • Recommended minimum screen resolution 1280 x 768


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