20% of ISO55001-requirements filled at once with our 'award winning' asset management reference model

When an organization is improving continuously, the organization can not avoid to make sure to secure the improvements sooner or later. Securing the improvements can be done via skolls or via the asset management processes. Because there is no asset management education that covers all the required competencies, securing the process is the only option. When an organization wants to be certified according to ISO55001 than this is thus a firm requirement. 

Experience has taught us that describing the asset management process is no picnic. To help organizations, we have developed a fully modeled Excel based asset management process model. During implementation we hand over this model to our clients (if agreed).



Besides AssetResolutions has established a branch independent "Asset Management" guideline which gives you a tremendous acceleration in the implementation of asset management. It contains, together with our process register, the minimum set of templates that are necessary in order to fully comply with ISO 55001.

Process register and reference manual benefits

  • Assure relevant asset management processes (see functionalities ) via a clear hierarchy
  • Fully filled for the asset management function on basis of Best Practice experiences: saves time and discussion! About 20% of the standard requirements captured at once
  • Fully matches our ISO55001 quick scan, but can be applied seperately as wel
  • Seamless integration between process register and the asset management reference model, which contains examples of all defined outputs
  • Contains the asset management reference process which is described in the article with which we obtained the award 'best article' on the World Congress on Engineering Asset Management (WCEAM) 2014, Pretoria
  • Link to required asset management competencies, roles, responsibilities, KPI's, documents and tools
  • The elements from the IAM anatomy are captured in the process register
  • Specifically developed to meet ISO55001
  • Proven at our customers
  • Open data via standard Excel format (process register) and Word (handbook). Content can be maintained by organization itself
  • Is delivered as part of our regular consultancy services (if agreed)
  • No annual licence costs



Functionalities process register

  • Business proces model with overview business processes and how asset management fits in
  • Sub processes for asset management: manage assets, manage asset information management, manage asset management IT systems, management review, auditing
  • Working processes e.g. asset management strategy, risk management, program development, planning, manage programs, manage changes
  • Modelled working processes up to activity level with process- and other documents
  • Roles and responsibilities captured (RACI: Responsible, Accountable, Consult, Inform) including competence requirements and several competence levels per role
  • Link possible to documents and tools
  • Employee form in which assessment results of predefined competencies can be filled out (additional competencies can be added)
  • Names of processes, activities, links etc can be made fully company specific
  • Add, delete, change of information possible


Content asset management reference manual

  • Developed business value model with a proces risk matrix (see our references)
  • Template with a translation of the asset management roles to your current asset management organizational entities
  • Decision model (template with e.g. problem exploration, scope, alternatives, selection, implementation and evaluation)
  • Completed example for mission and vision
  • Asset management policy statement
  • SLA between Asset Owner and Asset Manager
  • SLAs between Asset Manager and Service Provider (generic work agreement, type of work SLAs and program SLA)
  • Lessons learned.




If you want more information, please contact us. See also our question and answer sections on tools. 



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