Asset management

Asset management, what does it mean?

In the world the term asset management is used a lot in different occasions. On the radio sometimes an asset manager can be heard on the developments on Wall Street, suggesting that asset management is financial haute couture. On the other hand, in the technological world, asset management is considered as being the management of installations. And in standards asset management is usually defined in a sentence in which the terms process, systematic and optimization are present. But what is it really?

Our vision

Asset Management is, quite simply, getting out the maximum value of the assets. In our view two things are essential.
  1. Risk management. Assets and their added value can be lost by many things. But failing assets can also cause very much damage to their environment. A good understanding of the risks will help prevent surprises.
  2. Systematic work. There are so many threats and opportunities that the overview is lost easily. While it is crucial that the major problems will be solved first. Systematically making choices helps bring order into this chaos.
Both components of our vision are reflected in our motto: Processing Risk. Equally important to us is the principle Less Is More. Focus on key issues is often better than anything half done. And so is the implementation of asset management within an organization. A simple design that everyone understands delivers more than a complicated blueprint that leaves everyone in confusion. In any case, it saves a lot of discussion.
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