Simply determine asset management competencies and gaps

When an organisation wants to improve its asset management processes, then that organisation often reaches the point wondering whether the existing competences are adequate for the future. For the generic competencies there usually is a reasonable view, but for the asset management skills is not always the case.

This can lead to a lot of effort in which it is identified whether the asset management skills are needed, how important they are for every role this is relevant and it has to to be done for each step in the process. That's not all, then the translation to the functions in the organisation must be made and, of course, the relationship to the people who it really matters must be be establised. This can result in endless discussions. To facilitate that process, we have developed an asset management competency model that has proven itself in practice.

The asset management competency model is linked to our process register and contains the most important asset management skills by role linked to an activity, responsibility, function and more. It helps organisations to quickly achieve the important requirements and measure where there are any gaps, so that a targeted training and education plan can be made.



Benefits CompetenceBuilder

  • Supports ISO compliant processes (e.g. ISO 31000, 9001 and 14001)
  • Specifically meets the asset management standards ISO55001, NTA8120 and ISO224
  • Open data via standard Excel format
  • Quickly identify required competencies and determine gap analysis. If necessary, employee specific or anonymously
  • Seamless integration with our process register and the asset management reference model. Introduce asset management effectively and efficiently
  • Is delivered as part of our regular consultancy services (if agreed)
  • No annual licence costs
  • Proven at our customers 




  • Key pre-defined asset management competencies with four levels per competence. Each level is also predefined
  • Link of competencies to positions in the organisation including a minimum level of competence
  • Display competencies per function and highest competency requirement for that function
  • Link of competency requirements for a role in activity of our process register. The requirement is defined for accountable and responsible for implementation 
  • Link of role (real or anonymous) employee with required and actual competency level and automatic determination of gap between these two
  • For each role RACI (responsibilities matrix) in our process register
  • Fully pre-defined but rather to make customer-specific (eg adjusting to roles or add competency requirements, levels of competence)



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