Risk awareness

Our services:

  • Preparation and validation of risk matrix / risk acceptance based on historical figures and research
  • Align risk management in the asset management function with Enterprise Risk Management
  • Defining business values and asset management KPIs
  • Risk analysis workshops and competence development
  • Determining risk profile
  • Interim risk management
  • Risk management training
  • Validation of asset management compliance with our quick scan tool, for example compared to ISO55001, ISO31000 or ISO224 in combination with e.g. ISO9001
  • Efficient process design with our ISO55001 compliant pre-defined asset management process toolbox, supported with the asset management reference manual
  • Determine existing and required asset management competencies CompetenceBuilder
  • Risk Processor: risk management tool with professional and friendly budget
  • Risk Processor Corporate: integration of Risk Processor of different organisational entities on central level. This supports Enterprise Risk Management
  • Specific content of Risk Processor (Light): fill your risk register
  • Learn how to analyse risk, if needed supported by Bowtie Builder 
  • Integration between different Risk Processor (Light) risk registers and integration with Enterprise Risk Management
  • Unique in-company risk management course
  • Our in-company ISO55001 course

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